Goniometer Plastic – Sizes: 6″ 8″ 12″



The Goniometer calculates the range of motion in your joints, so you can see how your rehabilitation is working. After accident or injury, our joints often feel tight and compressed. With the right physio in place, your range of motion should increase, as proven on a clever measurement tool such as this one.

About the Goniometer

This durable plastic measurement tool is a favourite of physiotherapists. Available in three different sizes, this instrument rotates 360 degrees to assess the range of motion in the knee, elbow, wrist or ankle joint. A client’s ability or inability to move their joint can help to determine the treatment required.

This product is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for home-visits. It uses the International Standards of Measurement System for increased accuracy with three different scales for ease of use. Although it is recommended for professional use, it also comes with an instruction leaflet for non-professionals. There are also training videos online.

How to Use This Tool

When using the Goniometer to track your progress, it is important to remember to always use the same scale. This ensures you are able to collect a range of measurements that can easily be compared to see if your treatment is working. To further ensure accuracy, make sure to use the same Goniometer every time. We sell this product in 6″, 8″ and 12″ sizes, so pay attention to which one you are using for the best results.

When measuring your joint motion, keep it free from clothing or accessories that could skew your result. Measure the joint movement in isolation and take a reading for both active and passive movement. Passive movement is when the joint is relaxed and outside forces are aiding the motion. Active movement comes from the muscles within, with no exterior help.

If in doubt, ask a professional for advice.


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