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The professional Grip Kit contains a variety of products to increase the power of your grip. With an adjustable power gripper, as well as an isometric finger exerciser, a finger stretcher, TPR egg and squeeze ring, you’ll soon have the strongest grip around!

About Your Grip kit

The grip kit has everything you need to improve your grip and therefore your performance in many activities. The adjustable gripper has non slip handles that help you hold on and is easily adjusted to suit your grip size. You can also widen the grip as you get stronger, allowing for more movement in your workout. The finger exerciser allows you to work one finger at a time, building individual power. Meanwhile, the TPR egg works to reduce stress in the joints and muscle, as well as the mind. Just give it a little squeeze!

The isometric finger exerciser and finger stretcher offer a unique and simple way to bring the power back to your fingertips.

All the products in the grip kit have been made to the highest quality standards. They are great for general strengthening as well as rehabilitation. Exercising with these tools helps build up the hand and fingers, as well as the forearm.


Why Do You Need a Strong Grip?

A strong grip is important for many activities. If you are sporty, a strong grip can improve your tennis, golf and hockey, to name just a few pastimes, lifting weights, you’ll need a firm hold on your barbell to push it above your head. If Ninja Warrior is more your style, you’ll fare much better if you can hold on to those monkey bars for longer! Musicians can also benefit from our grip kit, helping them to pluck strings and tickle the ivories with more meaning and with less fatigue.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be particularly athletic, a strong grip has day-to-day benefits too. Potential employers are impressed with a firm handshake, while it is easier to move heavier furniture round the house if your hands are strong. Use your grip kit around the home, in the office or in the car – you can take it anywhere!

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