Gym Grips – Protect your hands from rips, tears and blisters

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Gym Grips by D8 Fitness All-Leather 


Protect your hands from rips, tears and blisters with our official D8 Fitness Grips.


These all-leather gym grips are ideal for gymnastics, functional training and CF WODs. Wear them while training or in competition to stay on the bar longer. If you’re not worrying about damaging your hands, you’ll be able to go for the extra reps that will take your performance over the top.


Looking for durability without compromising flexibility? Our D8 Fitness all-leather gym grips are made to withstand even your longest workout, but are soft and pliable right out of the box.


Better yet, these gym grips get softer the more you use them, molding to your hand and making them feel like a second skin. That’s right, this is one piece of equipment that gets MORE comfortable the longer you use them. They also hold chalk well, so your sweat is less likely to soak into the leather and create chafing against your skin.


The D8 Fitness All-Leather Grips also feature an adjustable Velcro strap that makes it easy to find the right fit for your hands.

Gym grips are only available in black and come in three (3) sizes. All of these features combine in our D8 Fitness branded All-Leather Gym Grips a solid investment.

Make nasty rips, tears and blisters on your hands a thing of the past. Protect them with our official D8 Fitness All-Leather Gym Grips.



Durable leather protects your hands from tears, rips & blisters

Improves your rip and reduces the risk of tearing in gymnastic movements

Helps shave time off your Pull Ups, Toes to Bar, Bar Muscle Ups and more by letting you focus on your performance instead of protecting your hands

Soft leather made to be used straight out of the packet.

Ideal for Pull Ups, Chest to Bar, Toes to Bar & Barbell Movements.

Available in black or white leather

Comes in three (3) sizes

Small 7.5cm


Large 10.5cm to XL

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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