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You work hard, train hard and play hard. Your hands are your #1 tools. Lifting, gripping, pulling, pushing, punching, snatching, jerking, climbing, – you put those tools to the test during every workout. But all that hard work has side-effects, like dry, ripped or callused hands and fingers. With our new Hand Care kit, you can treat your hands the same way you treat your muscles — with tough love and respect you can care for those hands with our D8 Hand Care Kit.
Our Hand Care Kit for Men & Women comes completely stocked with all-natural products to help prevent and treat the wear-and-tear of your hands. Included in each kit is:
  • Rhino Split, solutions for split skin, speeds up the healing process for smooth, soft skin.
  • Pumice Stone for the safe exfoliation and removal of dry, dead skin
  • WOD Welder, a hard lotion stick that promotes healthy moisturized skin without leaving a greasy film on your hands.
  • WOD Welder Hand Cream 50ml, On the go hydration for active skin.
  • All Natural ingredients
All this comes together in a natural fibre bag made from 100% jute, making it easy to take with you wherever you go, from home to the gym, the office, or the field. Our Hand Care Kit is a must-have for all those who want to look and feel as good on the outside as they do on the inside. Items not sold separately.
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