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Rehabilitate those hand muscles with our Skrunch Hand Strengthener. This small, balloon-like product might look simple and unassuming, but it is incredibly effective in strengthening and conditioning the hand and fingers.

About the Skrunch Hand Strengthener

A great rehabilitation tool for all ages and fitness levels, this pocket-sized ball is filled with micro-base silica crystal. These extra-fine granules are encased in a double layer of latex for a durable and tough finish. While it may look like a traditional stress ball, the overall effect of your hand strengthener is firmer and more comfortable. The muscles are more engaged and are able to start their recovery process.

The Skrunch is useful for a number of chronic issues, as well as injury recovery. In children, a hand strengthener can aid those with ADHD, autism and anxiety, while the elderly can use it to help with arthritis or stroke recovery. Anyone with carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI or MS can use this hand strengthener and it is also useful for nerve compression or muscle wastage. Whatever your hand ailment, the Skrunch can help you rebuild and maintain motion in your palm and fingers.

The Skrunch is also great for weight lifters, helping them to increase their grip strength for more effective lifting.

How to Use Your Skrunch

Could there be a simpler product on the market? To use this smart product, simply pick it up and squeeze – it’s that easy! The soft, smooth feel of the hand strengthener makes for quite an addictive squeeze, proving to be a useful tool when combating stress and anxiety! Use your hand ball when you are working, playing or resting, squeezing the ball in one hand at a time. The small, compact nature of the Skrunch stress ball means you can take it with you wherever you go!

1 x scrunch ball received with each purchase.

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