Harbinger Dip Belt – Leather with Steel Chain


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If its time to add a little extra weight to your dips or pull-ups, the Harbinger Dip Belt is ideal. A secure and safe way to add weight plates to your workout, the belt allows you control of each movement.

About the Harbinger Dip Belt – Leather

The nylon and leather belt fits snugly at your back, while the 30″ chain and heavy steel Carabiner clip sit at the front of the body. The contoured fabric works to support your back, to help prevent injury, and has been carefully crafted for maximum durability. It needs to be able to support your heaviest weight, so it has an extremely strong construction.

This Harbinger Dip Belt has been made in one size only. As you add your weighted plate, the adjustable chain moves into place for the most secure fit. It stays completely still above your hips as you test your upper body strength to the limit. This is not a tool for those who are just starting to practice dips and lifts – you need a certain amount of physical strength to master the belt.

Things to Know Before Upgrading Your Dips

As previously mentioned, you should be quite confident about your pull-up and dip technique before adding in a belt. If your pull-ups have got to the point where you don’t feel any benefit from the reps, then it is a great time to add the Harbinger Dip Belt. Add weights slowly, being sure to be careful about how much pressure you place on your back. Over time, your back will become stronger and you can add heavier plates.

It is also important to ensure you have your form perfected. If you feel any pain or fussiness due to wearing the belt, discontinue the workout. It can put unnecessary pressure on a sensitive area – you don’t want to strain your back.



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