Harbinger Weight Lifting Belt – Padded

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Lift bigger and heavier than ever before with the Harbinger Weight Lifting Belt! This essential training tool works to stabilise the core so that you are capable of increasing your lifting weight. This will help prevent plateaus in your training and allow you to push your arms even harder.

About the Harbinger Weight Lifting Belt

There are lots of belts on the market, but this Harbinger offering stands out for a number of reasons. This design has been created with comfort in mind. The 6″ wide belt supports the entire lower back and has been made with premium materials for the most durable finish. It will see you through many years of training and competitions! The genuine leather exterior has a contoured fit that matches the arch of your back and becomes more pliable over time, helping to increase your mobility. Meanwhile the suede lining feels supersoft and comforting when placed against the skin. The interior foam cushions the back, protecting it against damage that is prevalent amongst lifters.

This elegant Harbinger Weight Lifting Belt has been double-stitched to ensure longevity. It makes use of a double pronged belt that ensures it stays put under pressure. It is easy to clean, needing just a quick wipe after use to keep it in peak condition.

What Size Belt do you Need?

This belt is available in a wide range of sizes, so that it is able to cater for weightlifters of every shape and size. In order to select the correct size for you, you should measure your waist before purchase.

Those with a waist size below 29 inches will require a small Harbinger Weigth Lifting Belt. Medium is best for those with a waist between 29 and 33 inches, while large is for waists up to 37 inches. Above this, you will require an extra large belt. It is important to get the belt size right, in order to provide the support and comfort that will help to improve your lifts.


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