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Relieve some of the discomfort that can come along with a hernia with our Hernia Support Belt. As soon as you have the diagnosis from the doctor, this clever tool can help to make you feel better as you heal.

Use a Hernia Support Belt to Soothe Your Groin

Hernias occur when some of the internal tissues from the hip or chest push through weak muscles. They do not always cause issues – some hernias have no symptoms at all. However, when a lump forms in the abdomen or groin, they can become awkward and uncomfortable. A hernia support belt supports the area, guiding the tissues back into place so that the lump is reduced.

These belts are comfortable and safe to wear every day if necessary, providing a discrete solution to your ailment. They will not limit your range of movement, allowing you to continue with your typical day-to-day activities without fear of restriction.

Take Control of your Hernia

This belt has a simple structure,  supplemented with a variety of adjustable options. The lightweight belt is available is a range of sizes and can be tightened or loosened to suit your body shape. Meanwhile, you can place the foam compression pads in the most comfortable position, so they can support a single or double hernia. Add the removable pads to the left or right side, depending on your needs.

The foam pads apply pressure to weakened muscles. It also targets the hernia, helping to guide the tissue back into place so that you no longer feel pain. This lightweight structure is machine washable, although we recommend hand-washing where possible. It is a good idea to buy two or more so you can wear one as you wash one, keeping the area fresh and clean.

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  • Small – 76-89cm
  • Medium -89cm 104cm
  • Large 104cm -117cm
  • Xlarge 117cm – 132cm


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