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HEX Bar 

Deadlift safer, better and more comfortable with the 6ft Hex (Trap) Bar from D8. Used for exercises such as squats, deadlifts and shrugs, this Hex Bar is ideal for use in Gyms, PT studios or by home users who lift.


About the Hex Bar

The Hex bar (also known as a trap bar) gets its name from its hexagonal shape. This unique design allows you to position yourself in the middle of the bars centre of gravity for deadlift exercises. 

The trap bar was patented in 1985 by a powerlifter named Al Gerard, who was trying to find a way to train around a recurring lower back injury. It has since gained widespread support among many coaches as a back-friendly alternative to both traditional straight-bar deadlifts and squats.


Less Stress on the Spine

Recent research on the biomechanics of the hex bar deadlift revealed that hex deadlift produces less strain on both the lumbar spine and hips than those performed with a straight bar. This is a direct result of being able to step inside the hex bar rather than behind it. This, in turn, dramatically reduces the amount of sheer force on the spine.


Better for Beginners

For the majority of the population, getting into a good deadlift position with a straight bar is a huge challenge requiring a lot of upfront coaching and a generous helping of mobility work. That’s where the hex bar comes in so handy. Its configuration leads to a much more upright torso position, allowing you to “sit” into the movement with far fewer technical requirements than a traditional straight bar deadlift. It also allows the knees to move more forward and the hips to sit lower than average, avoiding the bar scraping your shins at the bottom of the movement.


Features & Specifications:

  • Length: 183 cm, 6ft
  • 59 cm between handles
  • 45 cm sleeve
  • 50mm which are compatible with any Olympic plates
  • Diameter: 2″ diameter, 50mm diameter ends
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Chrome finish
  • Maximum load capacity: 600kg


Additional information

Weight 60 kg


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