Speed Jump Rope

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Speed Jump Rope

Revamp your workout and master the double under with this speed jump rope. Buy it now online or in store from D8 Fitness.

Jump ropes comes a dime a dozen in today’s marketplace. How do you choose? For many, this question comes with a variety of answers. From serious CrossFitters to those just looking to stay fit, a jump rope is a key tool in their fitness arsenal.

D8 Fitness now offers the most durable and useful rope for speed workout: the high speed jump rope. Tried and tested by professional athletes and trainers, this rope stands up to wear and tear. What’s more, this speed jump rope shows no sign of damage, even after repeated and prolonged use.

Further, the lightweight design lets you skip longer and harder without arm fatigue. As a result, perform a huge number of single unders, double and triple unders

What are the benefits of using a speed jump rope?

Many athletes use jump ropes to increase their speed as well as achieve their overall fitness goals. Why?

  • First, jump ropes are small, portable and great for getting in a quick workout while on the go.
  • Second, 10 minutes of jumping burns as many calories as 30 minutes of jogging
  • Third, jumping improves balance, agility, coordination and cardiovascular health
  • Finally, jumping rope provides a full body work out that tones the legs, abs, arms and more.

Why choose this speed jump rope?

  • It features unique metal ball bearings in the handles. As a result, the rope is easier to turn.
  • Tapered handles provide maximum comfort as well as ultimate grip
  • Effortless rotations create incredible speed
  • Rope will not twist, tangle or curl while jumping
  • The speed jump rope makes it easy to master double or even triple unders


  • Aluminium handles
  • Colour : sliver & yellow
  • Rotation: ball bearing
  • Canvas storage bag

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