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An essential piece of exercise equipment for anyone looking to tone their body, the Iron Gym Bench is incredibly versatile. Use as a prop for exercises using dumbells or body weight, focusing on your upper body and lower body.

About the Iron Gym Bench

This professional weight bench is ideal for helping you achieve your workout goals. The compact design is easy to store and very durable, so you can push yourself without damaging the bench. Measuring 41.4cm x 102.8cm x 45.7cm, this is the perfect size for most people, giving you space to stretch, bend and travel with ease.

The Iron Gym bench is cushioned to ensure you are comfortable as you push your muscles to exhaustion. It can be adjusted to sit in six different positions, so you can ensure you posture is just right before articulating your move. The feet have been covered with non-slip rubber so your bench sits still as you burn that iron!

This lightweight bench weighs just 15kg but it can withstand up to 150kg on top of it. So, stacks those dumbells and barbell plates and lift with confidence!

How to Use Your Bench

This easy-to-build bench comes with all the instructions you need to get set up quickly and simply. Once installed, you can use it to perform a wide range of weighted movements. Try bicep curls, tricep curls, ab crunches or a variety of bench press styles. Leg lifts are great for the core and the glutes, while dips will work the back of the arms.

Sometimes you will need to sit on the bench, sometimes you will need to lie on your front, other times on your back. Some exercises require you to lean on the Iron Gym Bench and sometimes you might have both hands on the bench and your feet will be hopping either side of it. It is possible to get a full body workout using no other equipment but your bench, making this a fantastic, versatile tool.

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