Iron Gym Xtreme Pull up Bar


IRON GYM XTREME™ provides the user with a range of 15 different upper body exercises including, pull ups, chin ups, push ups, sit ups and dips – targeting muscle groups including the arms, chest, back and shoulders. This is a complete upper body performance workout in one neat, easy to use, portable apparatus.

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Give your upper body an extreme boost with the Original Iron Gym Xtreme! This upgraded versatile training bar is ready to push those guns to the limit! Ideal for strengthening your arms, chest, back and shoulders, a whole host of exercise possibilities awaits!

About the Iron Gym Xtreme

This compact, portable training bar has everything you need to push your upper body to the max. The lightweight frame is made of tough, heavy-duty steel, with a capacity of up to 100kg. You can attack each exercise with confidence, knowing your Iron Gym Xtreme won’t bend or break under your weight, even if you add plates!

Install in your home or gym with ease. Secure into place in seconds, without any screws, bolts or drills. It is ideal for smaller spaces where it would be inappropriate to leave it in the doorway as a permanent feature. It also means your door frame is left in-tact and undamaged. The Iron Gym Xtreme fits doorframes measuring between 60 and 80cm wide and 12 to 16cm deep. These are average sizes within Europe, but please check your door frame before purchasing.

Everything you need to get set-up is included in the box, as well as comprehensive instructions and an upper body workout guide.

It’s Not All About Pull-Ups!

Use the Iron Gym Xtreme to undertake a total of 15 different exercises, targeting different muscle groups. Pull ups are, of course, one of those options. But there are lots more too!

Include this bar in your push ups, sit ups, hanging leg raises, and, if you are feeling brave, windscreen wipers! Try chin-ups, reverse shoulder shrugs and negative pull ups. There are so many possibilities and so many ways you can increase your upper body strength.  The Iron Bar Xtreme is a safe, convenient way to do this.




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