Iron Gym – Gym Ball – Burst Resistant

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The Iron Gym Gym Ball has many uses for those wishing to boost their fitness. It is ideal for practising stretching maneuverers, strengthening muscles – especially your core, and also for perfecting posture. The instability of the round object allows you to work on your balance and coordination.

About the Iron Gym Gym Ball

This tough, durable exercise ball has been made to last, no matter how hard you work it. The burst resistant construction means you can bounce with confidence, safe in the knowledge that this ball can withstand the pressure. It is available in three different sizes, so you can pick the one that best correlates to your height. Those under 165cm tall should opt for the 55cm ball, while those between 166cm and 185cm would be best with the 65cm ball. Finally, anyone over 185cm should choose the 75cm ball.

A pump to blow up the gym ball is included in the box, so you can get set up and ready to go as soon as you get it home!

How to Use Your Ball

This ball is far more versatile than it looks. It is ideal for strengthening your core, toning your abs so that you can gain that much desired six-pack. It also works the back and obliques for all-round core strength. With this, you will experience improved balance and endurance that will benefit other areas of your fitness too. It is also great for stretching after a long, hard workout.

Using the gym ball to challenge you during push-ups, sit-ups and leg raises works those smaller, deeper muscles that are often overlooked. Training these smaller muscles is essential for a strong and stable core. You can also sit on it as you use dumbbells to work your arms. This will add an extra layer of instability to your routine, forcing you to work harder and smarter.

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