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When it comes to increasing your fitness, the Iron Gym Hand Gripper can be a surprisingly effective tool.  These small, simple grips have the power to take your weight-lifting game to the next level. They work to strengthen the bones in your palms and fingers. This will ensure you can hold on tighter and lift heavier than ever before!

About the Iron Gym Hand Gripper

These lightweight hand-strengthening tools are an essential gym-bag product for anyone serious about upping their fitness game. The adjustable steel spring hand grip pressure adapts to suit your current needs, with resistance varying between 10 and 40kg. They are wrapped in rubber for a non-slip surface ideal for all hand sizes and fitness levels.

Size is everything when it comes to choosing your hand gripper. You need something small and compact, like this original Iron Gym product. Its petite size and shape makes it ideal for taking with you to the gym, work or out-and-about, allowing you to increase your hand power no matter where you may be.

Who Could Benefit from a Stronger Grip?

Almost everyone could benefit from having a stronger grip. Whether you are someone who often has to carry heavy bags from the car or a competition-level weightlifter, strong hands are a universally useful thing to have! Musicians often use the Iron Gym Hand Gripper to make for more nimble fingers, while golfers and tennis players need a good drip for a confident stroke.

These grippers also help to strengthen the forearm, helping to improve the stability of inversion exercises and planks. Hand strength is often overlooked by those trying to increase their endurance, but it is a quick and easy way to improve technique and overall stamina. Suitable for use all day, every day and a great option for all fitness levels!

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