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Add weights to your workouts and keep your hands free with the Iron Gym Weight Vest. A convenient way to increase resistance and boost your cardio movements, this is a great tool for those looking to amp up their workouts. This vest takes your exercise routines to the next level, adding weight to boost your fitness.

About the Iron Gym Weight Vest

This high quality exercise tool keeps your weights close to your body. This ensures you get the full effect of each movement. With a total possible weight of 10kg, this vest is made up of 38 sand bags, each one weighing 250g. You can remove each bag to adjust the weight level. Each one has been carefully placed to ensure an even distribution of weight.

The design is compact and comfortable, so it doesn’t get in the way as you train. There is extra padding on the shoulder straps to prevent them from digging into your skin. Meanwhile, the openings for your arms and head are wide, so there is no chance of the material rubbing against your skin as your sweat.

High quality Velcro straps keep the Iron Gym Weight Vest in place. These straps are long and easy to pull into place, so you can get your vest on quickly, no matter your body shape or size.

Why Should You Incorporate a Vest in Your Workout?

Exercises that would usually rely on body weight can be given a boost with a weighted vest. This simple bit of training kit makes you weigh more so that body weight exercises are more challenging. Your hands are free, so you can complete push ups, pull-ups or any other movement that relies on having your palms on the floor.

When performing cardio workouts, the Iron Gym Weight Vest can get your heart pumping much faster, so you are in the fat-burning zone in record speed.



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