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Designed to provide support without limiting your range of movement, kinesiology tape is a useful addition to your gym bag. Thought to reduce pain and swelling, while improving performance, it is a great tool for rehabilitation, recovery and preventative care.

About Kinesiology Tape

Our sports tape is incredibly stretchy, ensuring you can make full use of your joints while keeping them supported. The aim is to mimic the elasticity of the skin, so you can exercise without feeling restricted. Each roll is 5cm thick and 5m long, allowing you to cut the tape to the length you require. Water resistant and latex free, this kinesiology tape will stay in position for a long time so you can get the most out of each strip.

We offer this tape in three different colours, so you can match your support to your outfit for extra style points.

How Does it Work?

Professional athletes swear by kinesiology tape. It works by slightly lifting the skin, creating space around the joint in order to reduce irritation. This is also thought to change the pain signals sent to the brain, making for a more comfortable joint. At the same time, the reduction of pressure allows for a better flow of lymphatic fluid. This lessens swelling and encourages healing.

This tape should never be used on open wounds or anywhere there may be cancerous growths or missing lymph nodes. Those with allergies should beware, although our tape is latex free.  Anyone suffering with deep vein thrombosis should also avoid kinesiology tape. Otherwise, it is a great way to prepare the body for movement, as long as you apply it in the correct position for your goals. Most professionals will apply their tape in an X or Y shape, but you can also lay long strips or fan shapes.

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