Single Triceps Rope


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Single Triceps Rope

Perform a variety of one-arm triceps exercises perfectly with the Single Triceps Rope, now available from D8 Fitness.

The rope attaches easily to your fitness pulley equipment. While suspended, the rope offers more freedom of movement than a fixed triceps pushdown rope. As a result, you can work your triceps evenly and effectively.

This rope is the ultimate accessory for your tricep workouts. It is also suitable for exercising biceps, abs, front and side deltoid muscles, and other muscle groups. Both ends of the rope are equipped with durable rubber blocks. The equipment  Triceps rope is ideal to work on your triceps with pulley equipment, Because a pushdown with the rope actually gives more freedom of movement than a fixed pushdown.


Weight: 0.5kg

Size: 37.5x7x7 cm

Warranty: 1 year

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