Landmine Attachment


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Landmine Attachment

Out in the fields, landmines are to be avoided at all costs. In the gym, though, we suggest you run to them for adding maximum benefit to your workout.


What’s a Landmine? It’s a barbell that’s been sleeved in an attachment that’s anchored to the ground, then weighted on the opposite end. It’s easy to set up and it’s a really effective tool for training shoulders, hips and trunk muscles, as one end being fixed to the floor offers more of an arching movement rather than a linear one.


Vary your workouts and provide serious overload while avoiding potentially painful ranges of motion. Get stronger; hurt less.

Previous models of the landmine included the bulky plate, making it cumbersome to pack or take from training location to training location. This attachment-only version is stripped, making it easier to get ripped.



– Moves 360 degrees in order to provide you freedom when moving

– Powder Coated

– Suitable 2″ bar

– Weight plate and barbell sold separately.


Watch the video for more information on how to successfully use the landmine attachment in your workout.



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