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The most versatile rope on the market, our leather skipping rope is great for use with or without weights. Skip for speed or endurance and create a skipping workout that challenges you.

About the Leather Skipping Rope

This jump rope is made from high-quality, durable leather. This traditional style has been given a modern twist with the ability to add weights and adjust the length to suit your exercise needs. The rope itself weighs 175g and comes with two 125g weights, giving you the option of skipping with a maximum of 425g.

The leather skipping rope contains hi-speed bearings that make for a smoother movement and is 3m in length. The weights can be adjusted with ease. Simply ensure the handle base is facing upwards before unscrewing the cap. You should then be able to gently tip the weight out of the handle and screw the caps back into place.

Weights vs Speed

A skipping rope is one of the most simple exercise accessories you can use for an impressive conditioning workout. When used as it is, it burns a tremendous number of calories. It can help improve strength, agility, endurance and coordination. It is best used without weights if you are looking to enhance your speed.

If you add weights to your leather skipping rope, your technique may suffer when working at the same speed. You will have to slow down in order to let the weights do their job. This is a great way to increase upper body strength and burn even more calories.

Skipping is a discipline practiced by many professional athletes, including boxers and those performing martial arts. However, absolutely anyone can use a leather skipping rope to enjoy a great cardio workout.

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