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This Lever Buckle Leather Belt from RDX is an essential tool for anyone serious about weightlifting. Made to help improve posture during heavier lifts, it can also help you maintain abdominal pressure. Posture and pressure are both important during lifting, as they ensure the spine is stabilized and protected.

About the RDX Lever Buckle Leather Belt

This powerlifting belt has been crafted from the highest quality nubuck leather. This tough, strong material is ideal for intensive use, giving you the core support you need. It measures 4″ wide and is 10mm thick, making it ideal for competitions or general workout use.

The belt is secured into place using an advanced lever clasp buckle that maintains position as you work through your lifts. It is incredibly comfortable to wear and available in both black or brown. The Lever Buckle Leather Belt also comes in a range of sizes. Designed to keep you lifting for longer, it is a belt you can rely on.

This belt has been approved by a number of important weightlifting associations. The International Power-Lifting League (IPL) and the United States Power-Lifting Association (USPA) both recommend it.

Reasons to Invest in a Weightlifting Belt

An essential tool when it comes to avoiding injury, this Lever Buckle Leather Belt will keep your back safe when you lift the heaviest weights. It can also help you to boost your performance, stabilizing your core so that you can lift heavier than ever! If you have hit a training plateau, you may benefit from adding a belt to your workout.

Belts are also important for improving your technique. Forcing you to put more effort into your legs, you will get more out of each squat or deadlift. The Lever Buckle Leather Belt is a great choice if you are looking to increase your weightlifting game.

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