Lifting Chains

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Lifting Chains

Lifting chains are great a way to break through training plateaus and build power through the whole range of a movement. Used in similar way to resistance or “woody“ bands, as you pull the chain off the floor you pick up more and more links of the chains, meaning at the top range of movement the weight is at its greatest. If you want to build serious strength and power; these lifting chains are the answer. Chains also require an increased level of proprioception and balance, try a chain bench press, and you’ll know what we mean!


With the way our bodies’ levers work, at the top range of movement such as the top of a squat for example, it is easier for us to move the same amount of weight, meaning at that end range, our muscles are not performing maximally.

  • Sold in Pairs
  • Pair of collars to attach to the bar
  • 16kg – 8kg each side
  • 24kg – 12kg each side
  • 32kg – 16kg each side

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