Lightweight Speed Rope


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Lightweight Speed Rope

Tone muscles and burn calories with this lightweight speed rope. Buy it now online or in store from D8 Fitness.

This affordable rope features a lightweight and flexible design. Most noteworthy are its durability and speed. Swivel handles prevent the rope from coiling up while in use. New dowels engineered with unbreakable plastic polymer replace standard metal dowels usually seen in speed ropes. As a result, each handles weighs mere ounces. CrossFit athletes know it’s the arms that wear out first when jumping, not the legs. The handles, therefore, must be lightweight.

Adjust the length of this lightweight speed rope with ease. What’s more, an innovative screw and collar system allows you to replace a worn cable just as easily. Two sliding screws and collars allow you to set the handles at a specific length on the cable. Cut excess cable length to customize the rope to suit your specific body measurements.

Its entry-level price also makes this lightweight speed rope great for the home user or beginning skipper. Use it during cardio exercises  to enhance the effectiveness of each workout.  Perform double unders, criss crosses, high knees, and many more jump rope steps.

This lightweight speed rope is ready to go wherever you are. It requires only a small space to jump in, so weather or location shouldn’t be a factor. Dominate your double unders while on the go and never miss a cardio workout session.

Choose from black or blue rope coating. Both rope coating options feature blue handles. Each lightweight speed rope is sold individually.

  • Sold individually
  • Blue handle
  • Rope coating: black or blue

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