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Give yourself a kick-start with the Little Dragon Pre-Workout Shots. Designed to boost energy and increase focus, these liquid shots are as delicious as they are effective.

About Little Dragon Pre-Workout Shots

This shot is low in calories at 33kcal a serving and offers just a trace of salt, sugars and fat. What it is missing in unhealthy additives, it makes up for in energy-boosting amino acids and B vitamins! These work together to ensure the metabolic system is working at its very best so that you burn some serious calories during exercise.

The energy boost comes from 3g of creatine and a hefty caffeine injection. You’ll also find arginine, beta-alanine and citrulline malate.

Each 60ml serving has all the vitamins and minerals to make for your best workout yet. Take 30 minutes before your session for maximum impact. Choose from fizzy cola, lemon and blue raspberry for a tasty kick.

Please note: this product is high in caffeine and contains milk.

The Benefits of Caffeine for Exercise

Often, we are told that we shouldn’t drink too much caffeine. However, it plays a key part in the formulation of the Little Dragon Pre-Workout Shots.

While people with caffeine sensitivity should avoid this product, it is great for those who want to boost their metabolism and energy levels. The bonus of caffeine is that it is a fairly cheap ingredient and incredibly effective.

In this pre-workout formula, caffeine is combined with amino acids and vitamins in order to make the most of the benefits. Do not drink more than the recommended dose each day.

When used sensibly, caffeine can definitely be a part of a healthy lifestyle. It can even enhance it!

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