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Massage Ball Combo Set – Lacrosse Ball –  Peanut Ball Spiky Ball

Our Massage Ball Combo set combines the massage ball tools into one package. Each pack contains one (1) Lacrosse Ball, one (1) Spiky Ball, and one (1) Peanut Massage Ball, conveniently packaged together in a storage bag. Relieve back pain and stiffness. Apply comfortable pressure to pain points. Rejuvenate muscle tissue. Feel better with the peanut massager and Lacrosse ball.

The Peanut Massage Ball:

Have you been using tennis balls to perform myofascial and trigger release massage? There’s a better way. Our Massage Ball Combo set contains one peanut massage ball has changed the way athletes, regular exercises, and those recovering from an injury relieve stress and pain on the neck and spine.

Designed by professional sports trainers, the Peanut Massage Ball helps you perform self-massage, myofascial release and trigger point treatment. Its unique design mirrors that of two tennis balls joined together. The Peanut Massage Ball nests easily on either side of your spine. Use massage balls on the floor or against a wall to relieve tension around the spine, back and neck.

Lacrosse Ball:

The Lacrosse Massager Ball provides relief from the soreness you experience after workouts. It also works great during rehabilitation or recovery from an injury. Relieve tension, improve blood circulation, and ease pain in tight, hard-to-reach areas. This compact, portable massage ball does all that and more.

Spiky Massage Ball:

The Spiky Massage Ball works wonderfully to ease soreness in muscles and soft tissues. This particular massage ball is especially ideal for use on hands, feet, shoulders, back, legs, and buttocks. Increase or decrease pressure as needed for maximum effect. Use it on large and small muscle groups alike.

All 3 massage balls are conveniently sized for easy transport. Furthermore, they come in a carrying case. Keep them the massage ball combo set in your car, at the office or in your bag for when you need them most.


Each massage ball combo set contains:

  • One (1) peanut massage ball
  • One (1) Lacrosse massager ball
  • One (1) Spiky massage ball


  • Massage ball combo set is perfect for a variety of self-massage, myofascial release and trigger point treatments
  • Massage balls relieve tension, stimulates blood circulation, and eases pain
  • Works on small and large muscle groups
  • Quality, durable construction
  • All 3 massage balls are made from top-of-the-line materials
  • 1 x storage bag

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