Modifit Weight Lifting Belt Black/Red

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Modifit Weight Lifting Belt Black/Red

A really eye catching Suede Black Modifit Weight Lifting Belt this one! The total thickness of this belt is around 8-9mm thick which gives unparalleled support but the freedom of movement that you get with a weightlifting belt due to the tapered sides. The belt is built to last and you’ll have a very supportive weight lifting belt for years to come.

The belt comes with a red suede padded inner for a fantastic level of comfort and a chunky double prong buckle which shows the quality of the belt (no skinny little buckles on our belts!). Highly likely to increase your squat… The belt has two chunky loops 35mm wide (though the picture shows only one loop). The belt is finished with red stitching and red embroidery for a striking look.

Measure around your belly button to get an idea of size to order. You want to be in the middle, so if you’re 31 or 32″ best to go for medium! This is our best and most popular all round belt. It  offers substantial support for when you’re going for max Clean and Jerks or pull a bar full of plates on your deadlift PB. You can WOD or lift in it without it getting in the way, though our nylon velcro belts might be a better alternative for WODs due the ability to quickly loosen them.

Please measure around your waist / belly button where the belt will sit. Do not rely on your jeans size / waist size as this may be different.

  • Small: 25″ – 32.5″
  • Medium 28.5″ – 36″
  • Large 32″ – 39.5″
  • Extra Large 37.5″ – 45″
  • Double XL – 39.5″ – 47″
  • Triple XL – 41.5″ – 49″

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