Natural Volcanic Pumice Stone


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Natural Egyptian volcanic pumice stone

Pumice stones are formed from volcanic rock. They are extremely lightweight and will float in water, they are mostly associated with skin care. Pumice stones helps soften and remove dry, hard skin and callouses for those hard working hands and feet.


Proper care of pumice stones lengthens their usefulness and reduces the risk of skin infection.


  • Always check your stone for jagged edges or cracks before using it to remove corns or calluses
  • Wet your pumice stones before every use. Using a dry pumice stone can damage your skin and increase the risk of breaking the stone
  • Rinse often during use to remove dead skin cell flakes by holding stone under warm running water until all loose particles wash away.
  • Clean pumice stones after every use to remove dead skin and other debris.
  • Sterilize pumice stones to eliminate bacteria and fungus and prevent skin infections during use. Boil the stone in a small pot of water for five minutes.
  • Allow pumice stones to air dry completely before storing. Storing your stone while wet will encourage growth of fungus.


Size: 9*5*2.5cm.
Comes with a strap,easy to carry.

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Weight 3 kg


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