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A fabulous way to reduce pain and tension in the neck area, the Over Door Neck Traction unit is simple and easy to use. Neck pain can be incredibly debilitating and this clever tool works to increase comfort and dexterity in an efficient way.

About the Over Door Neck Traction Unit

A tool for use in physio clinics and at home, this unit is a surprisingly simple solution to neck pain. It easily slips onto any door, giving you a stable base from which to stretch out the affected nerves. The unit includes a large water bag which allows you to control the depth of the stretch. The more water that is inside the bag, the deeper the stretch will be. However, it is recommended you speak to a physician before use to ensure you fill the bag to the best level for your ailment.

The high-quality unit is lightweight and portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. This means you never need be away from home suffering with neck pain or tension. It takes minutes to assemble and use, bringing relief to your neck quickly.

How to Use This Unit

Once you have your over door neck traction unit in place on the door, you can take a seat and let the chin support do the work. There are three notches on the hanger, so you can move the strap closer or further away from the face as needed. Before sitting, make sure to hold the water bag to prevent further injury. Once you are comfortable, gently let go of the bag and the strap will do its job. Full instructions are included in the kit.

The neck traction unit is ideal for those suffering with pinched or compressed nerves. It can also be used to relieve pain from herniated discs or arthritis and any other issues related to neck pain. Alternatively, it might just give you the tension relief you require after a long day in the office.

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