Neoprene Dumbbells – (Sold in Pairs)


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Our Neoprene Dumbbells might not be the heaviest, but they are certainly the most valuable tool in your training routine! Power-up your body-weight moves with a lighter weight that will challenge you in a whole new way!

About the Neoprene Dumbbells

These slender, stylish weights are made with iron, coated in neoprene that stops them from slipping out of your hand. This added grip is sure to come in useful when you are working up a sweat! They also have a flat-bottomed shape that ensures they don’t roll out of reach when you put them down.

Measuring 12cm x 5cm, these sleek Neoprene Dumbbells fit effortlessly in your hand for a comfortable hold. Available in a range of weights, you can work your way up as your strength starts to improve. They are great for rehabilitation, pilates, aerobics, and barre, fitting in with almost any workout style with ease.


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