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The final installment of air bike from this brand, the Assault Bike Pro is by far the most technologically advanced. Designed to test your body and enhance your fitness and endurance, this is a must-have addition to any gym. Combining the most loved features of the Classic and Elite designs, this is a premium hybrid machine.

About the Assault Bike Pro

This heavy-duty, durable machine provides that all-important stability during a workout. Push your body to the absolute limit and this air bike will stay firm and grounded. This bike has a heavy steel frame and 20 sealed cartridge bearings to provide the strongest finish. The four adjustable feet provide the most steady base while the powder-coated frame is resistant to corrosion for a long-term aesthetic. The sealed bottom bracket helps protect the Assault Bike Pro against dust, sweat and any dirt or debris that may make its way into your gym.

The high contrast LCD screen allows you to keep track of your workout, monitoring calories, heart rate, time, distance, watts, RPM and speed. You can now pair it with your phone via bluetooth, allowing you to connect with the Assault Fitness App which is soon to be released! There are seven training modes included on the screen to keep you motivated and help you reach your fitness goals.

Made for Comfort

The seat can be a make-or-break feature when it comes to choosing an air bike. However, the Assault Bike Pro has engineered the most comfortable seat to allow you to cycle for longer. Padded to keep your tushy pain-free, the frame is steel, as are the pedals, to provide a stable setting. You can adjust the seat for the perfect position, allowing you to attack your workout with ease.

This bike needs no electricity and comes with wheels to allow for ease of transportation. Compact and reliable, it is great for both gym and home use.


  • Home & Commercial warranty 24 months
  • Frame warranty 5 years
  • (11) Different Height Settings and (6) Front-to-Back Settings
  • Max User Weight: 300 LBS
  • Weight 53.6kg
  • Length  126.6 cm
  • Width 61.3 cm
  • Height 129.9 cm


  • Weight  59.1 kg
  • Length  135.0 cm
  • Width  27.0 cm
  • Height  89.0 cm

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Weight 300 kg


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