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The delicious beverages from NOCCO are a fantastic partner to your workout session. Providing you with energy and amino acids, they will help boost performance. They are also hydrating and very tasty!


These pre-mixed protein drinks come in a wide range of fruity flavours to excite your tastebuds. Choose from classic apple or blood orange, or get a little more adventurous with Miami strawberry or Passion. Whichever drink you decide on, you will enjoy a rich beverage that is full of goodness.

The name NOCCO is an abbreviation for No Carbs Company. This means every drink is completely free from carbohydrates, as well as sugar. They are also low in calories. What the drinks do provide, however, is a blend of BCAAs, or branched chain amino acids, and lots of nutritious vitamins. They are also enriched with 180mg of caffeine, to give you that energy boost you need for a successful workout. This caffeine is equivalent to two cups of coffee, an amount sure to put a spring in your step!

As an added bonus, all NOCCO products are 100% vegan. They are a great part of a plant-based diet for anyone looking to boost their fitness.

Why Are Amino Acids Important for Exercise?

The BCAAs contained in these drinks include 2000mg leucine, 500mg isoleucine and 500mg valine. These are all essential amino acids, which means they can’t be produced by the body. Isoleucine and valine are great energy lifters. They work to reduce muscle pain after a workout and can also help to reduce blood sugar levels. Leucine is important in speeding up the healing process while promoting muscle synthesis. It increases growth hormones, helping your tired, damaged muscles to grow back bigger and better than before. If muscle gain is your aim, then NOCCO drinks are a useful tool.


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