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The Elite Olympic Bar 15kg is a bar designed for serious athletes. Whether you are attempting Olympic-style lifts or static squat lifts and deadlifts, this is the perfect accessory for your weightlifting efforts. Made to sustain weights up to 600kg, this is a bar that is ready to take on any challenge!

About the Olympic Bar 15kg

A bar with such high expectations requires high-quality manufacture. That is why this product has been made with the toughest hardened chrome, before being coated in a durable black oxide coating. This ensures that the bar can withstand whatever vigorous workout regimes you may attempt, without compromising its strength.

When lifting, you will appreciate the knurling of the Elite Olympic Bar 15kg that provides greater grip for sweaty hands. The centre of the bar is free from knurling, so that the bar can sit comfortably against the neck when performing squat lifts.  The bushings at the end of the bar, before the sleeve are cleverly designed to reduce vibration and make for the perfect rotation. Measuring 6ft long and with a diameter of 25mm, it is the ideal size for the average user. This bar is made for 2″ Olympic plates only, which fit onto the 48mm sleeves.

The Benefits of Olympic Style

Standard barbells are a great choice for the average user, enabling them to lift heavier, bulkier weights. However, the Elite Olympic Bar 15kg is made for more. It is an excellent choice for weightlifting clubs, cross training or elite athletes who have built up the endurance to lift heavier than most fitness enthusiasts. Olympic bars are longer and heavier than standard bars. They also have knurling, that is not found on traditional bars.

This bar comes with a 12-month warranty that covers against any major defects. However, general wear and tear or surface discolouration are not protected.


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