Budget Olympic Bar 7ft x 28mm


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Olympic Bar 7ft x 28mm/20kg

Looking for an entry level Olympic sized Bar that won’t break the budget? Look no further than D8 Fitness, where we offer this 7ft Olympic sized lifting Bar that doesn’t sacrifice affordability.

The Olympic Bar measures 7ft in length and weighs in the 20kg range. It has been weight-tested up to 150kg and has been designed with a hardened chrome finish that makes for a stylish appearance. Knurling on the bars helps you achieve good grip during lifts and reduces the risk of slippage or dropping the bar mid-lift.

  • Construction: Hardened chrome
  • Bar Weight: 20kg
  • Rotation using closed bearings
  • Tested Weight Limit: 150kg
  • Sleeve to sleeve 135cm
  • Features knurling on bars for grip assistance
  • Suitable for Olympic Plates 2″ centre only


This Olympic sized Bar has been designed and is intended for entry level recreational lifters. It is perfectly suited for use in a home environment for lifts such as presses, squats, rows and curls, etc.

This bar is NOT suited to perform lifts such as Olympic lifting moves or Powerlifting and is certainly NOT recommended for use in a gym or commercial environment. Please remember if you are a professional working in the health and fitness industry you need to purchase the correct tools for your profession.

For longevity of this product, we recommend a floor mat of 30mm – 40mm and regular visual inspection before and after use. NOTE: Weight loading not to exceed 120kg.

We do not offer a warranty with this product.

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