Olympic Curl Bar 50mm


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Olympic Curl Bar 50mm

Achieve your fitness goals with the Olympic Sized (50mm) Super Curl Bar from D8 Fitness.


The Olympic-Sized Super Curl Bar is perfect for competitive weightlifters or anyone serious about getting into lifting. The bar is made of solid steel with chrome-plated construction for the perfect finish. The 3-layer chrome plating of copper, nickel and chrome ensure a long-lasting life that can take the wear and tear of frequent use.


The bar measures 50mm in diameter and are designed to hold any Olympic-standard sized weight. The Super Curl Bar has been weight tested to a loading capacity of 125kg, so it will hold more weight than you will ever need.


Why use the Olympic-Sized Super Curl Bar over a more standard, straight weightlifting bar? Its unique design makes it perfect for performing deadlifts, where the close-grip position of your hands often results in straight bars bending under the weight of the loads on either end.


The most major advantage Olympic Sized (50mm) Super Curl Bar gives users is how the bar bears the load of the weights.  The load on the lower arms is spared by the specific shape of the dumbbell bar. This, in turn, decreases the chance of injuries to the forearm, such as those that are the result of overuse using a straight bar.


  • Spring collars not included.
  • Olympic Sized (50mm) Super Curl Bar Features:
  • Chrome-plated steel construction
  • Handle Width: 79cm
  • Weight Plates diameter: 50mm
  • 120cm length
  • Capacity weight plates: 19cm (both sides)
  • 3-Layer chrome-plating (copper, nickel, chrome).
  • Bearings: Yes
  • Grip surface: Serrated
  • Item weight 5.2kg
  • Load capacity: 125kg
  • Perfect for the deadlift with a close grip without bending
  • Spring collars included: No


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