Olympic Plate Storage Plate Pegs


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The Olympic Plate Storage Plate Pegs are part of the Pivot Fitness storage system, allowing you to customise a storage unit that works with your equipment. These high-quality pegs can also be used separately – simply bolt them to a solid wall and slide your weights on!

About the Olympic Plate Storage Plate Pegs

These pegs are sold in sets of two, allowing you to create a symmetrical storage system within your home gym. Measuring 25.5cm x 5cm x 13cm, you can easily slide your 50mm plates onto these pegs, ready for when you next lift your PB!

A gym with loose weights all over the floor is messy and disorganised. You can’t maintain your mental focus in a space like that, so these Olympic Plate Storage Plate Pegs offer a simple, easy solution. Slide a different size weight onto each peg in order, so that you always know exactly where your plates are when you need them.

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