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When it comes to building up muscle in the body, few protein powders can compare to the Optimum Nutrition Glutamine Powder. This formula focuses on the amino acid, L-glutamine, which is essential for boosting strength and muscle in the body.

About the Optimum Nutrition Glutamine Powder

All of the powders in the Optimum Nutrition range are formulated with the highest quality ingredients. In each serving of this powder, you’ll enjoy 5g of l-glutamine to help improve muscle strength and definition. You can consume this powder at any time of the day, but it works best after a training session. This is when it can best work to build up those damaged muscles so that they become stronger than ever before.

As this powder is unflavored, you can combine it with other Optimum Nutrition products in the range. Simply add a scoop to 240ml of water and drink!

The Importance of Glutamine

There are several essential amino acids in the body. L-glutamine is one of these, since it makes up 60% of the amino acids within the skeleton. It has a number of uses in the body. As well as providing the building blocks for stronger muscles, it is also important within the immune and intestinal systems. Although it is naturally produced within the body, the Optimum Nutrition Glutamine Powder provides an extra boost which is important for those who train regularly.

Glutamine is a powerful source of fuel for the immune system. It provides energy to white blood cells. If you do not have enough glutamine for your requirements, your body will start to break down muscle to find it there. This is quite common if you feel ill or are critically injured and can derail your exercise efforts.

Glutamine is also an important tool in the fight against digestive issues, helping to build the barrier that protects your intestines. Thankfully, it is easy to boost your glutamine stores with the Optimum Nutrition Glutamine Powder.

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