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Enjoy your premium Optimum Nutrition protein shakes with super stylish Optimum Nutrition Shaker! This shaker is designed to provide the perfect capacity for each shake serving. It also shows the world that you are a proud consumer of Optimum Nutrition products.

About the Optimum Nutrition Shaker

This elegant shaker is made from BPA and DEHP-free materials. The carefully selected materials are also odour resistant so it feels like a brand new shaker after every wash. Completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly, it contains a stainless steel mixer ball for the perfect blend. This helps remove any powder clumps that may have formed. It is dishwasher safe and  styled so that it can easily fit in most car drink holders. That means you can enjoy your Optimum Nutrition shakes on-the-go!

The Optimum Nutrition Shaker lid fits securely and is airtight. It won’t leak in your bag or allow polluting odours and flavours to sneak inside. This shaker has a capacity of 600ml, which is the perfect size for a single serving of protein shake. It includes measurement markings in ml and oz so that you can easily portion out your powder. You are always in control of your protein intake with this shaker.

How to Use this Product

It has never been easier to mix your protein drinks, thanks to the Optimum Nutrition Shaker.

It is recommended to put your water or other choice of drink into the shaker first. Follow with the suggested serving of Optimum Nutrition protein powder. Adding the water first prevents the powder from settling into the corner of the shaker. It will help to ensure your drink is free from lumps and gritty textures.

You then place the lid on the bottle and shake. The stainless steel mixer ball makes for the smoothest, tastiest beverage. This is a shaker with style and excellent functionality.


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