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For the most convenient protein boost after a workout, choose an Optimum Nutrition Protein Shake. This delicious drink is ready to enjoy straight out of the bottle, with no mixing or blending required.

About the Optimum Nutrition Protein Shake

Every 330ml bottle of this tasty drink offers an impressive 25g of protein, which is ideal for boosting muscle repair and recovery. The 500ml bottle contains 50g which might suit those who have endured a particularly tough workout. However, due to the huge range of flavours, you might find yourself enjoying these drinks at other times of day too. Luckily, they are low in fat and sugars, so you can easily make them a part of your healthy daytime routine. The chocolate flavour has only 162 calories.

Each Optimum Nutrition Protein Shake is basically a fortified milkshake, so you have the protein from the milk, as well as additional supplements. Flavours include chocolate, strawberry and white chocolate, to name just a few, with no artificial colours in the recipe.

Choosing a Shake

There are so many protein shakes on the market that it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Of course, flavour will play a big part in your decision. You may also look out for shakes with the highest protein content.

If you are the kind of person who lives life dashing from one place to the next, you might prefer the convenience of the Optimum Nutrition Protein Shake. If you have a little more time and are more conscious of keeping your calorie count low, you might prefer to select one of their powders instead. You can mix powders with water rather than milk for the lowest calorie option.

If it is shakes that you want, make sure you look at the ingredient profile of every drink. Optimum Nutrition are careful to use ingredients that will benefit the body for the highest-quality product. Make sure you don’t choose a drink that is full of filler ingredients.

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Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, White Chocolate


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