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Parallettes / Dip Bars


You don’t have to go to a gym to perform the type of dynamic bodyweight exercises professional athletes and competitive trainers do. Add our stylish steel tubing parallettes /dip stands to your home gym or training studio to get real, solid results.


These steel parallettes/dip stands from D8 Fitness are coated for maximum grip and traction. They are perfect for performing handstand pushups, L-Sits, isometric holds, swing-throughs, extended range pushups and more.


Parallettes/dip stands have their roots in gymnastics training. In fact, you can see their resemblance to the parallel bars. Using parallettes /dip stands to perform exercises mimic both the look and feel of working out on the parallels.


These aren’t just for gymnasts, though. The type of dynamic bodyweight exercises you can do using parallettes/dip stands are beneficial to athletes and weight trainers of all levels, sports, or areas of focus.


Using our bars in your workout will help you build strength and sculpt muscle. Made from mild steel construction, these parallettes will not move during use. The sturdy construction makes it easy for athletes up to 250kg to hold themselves up without worry, and the bars have plenty of space to grip.


You can use these bars for tricep dips, body row pull-ups, push-ups, leg raises and other bodyweight exercises. Incorporate them into your daily workout for clear, defined results.



  • Max user weight 150kg
  • Perfect for triceps dips, handstand pushups, L-Sits, isometric holds, swing-throughs, extended range pushups and a wide variety of other bodyweight exercises
  • Helps to build muscle mass while sculpting and toning
  • Powder-coated for added protection and product durability
  • Good for use by athletes, personal trainers, and weightlifters
  • Color: Black or Yellow
  • Sold in pairs
  • Dimensions: 80×62.5×74 cm
  • Weight 14kg
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Suitable for commercial use

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