Pedal Exerciser For Arms and Legs


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The Pedal Exerciser is a great little tool for boosting strength and coordination in the arms and legs. It offers gentle movement for those looking to get back into exercise or who are suffering with joint problems such as arthritis. As your ability increases, so can the resistance on your machine.

About the Arm and Leg Folding Pedal Exerciser

Built to make exercise easy and enjoyable, this clever machine is lightweight, portable and easy to store. Weighing just 3kg, the unit simply folds in and out of position, so that it can rest neatly on a shelf or in a cupboard. When you need to use it, it can be set-up in seconds, reducing excuses and making your life easier.

The lightweight nature is important, as this ensures you can move the pedal exerciser from the floor to table, depending on what area of your body you’d like to work. It also means you can take it with you to the office to exercise while you work. If you suffer with joint pain, keeping moving is important, which is why this is such a useful tool.

As your strength progresses, you can easily adjust the resistance using the tension dial. The box comes with a full set of instructions and you can also find lots of in-depth tutorials online. The aluminum frame has a chrome finish for a stylish look for home or office.

Convenient Computer Display

Keeping on track of your fitness goals is easier when you can see exactly what you are achieving with each workout session. This pedal exerciser may be a simple piece of equipment, but it has a modern computer display that shows you how long you have been working and how many calories you have burned. It also reveals your revolutions per minute, which is a key indicator of how much stronger and capable you are getting over time.


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