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The ultimate tool for combining cardio and weight training, the Picsil Anna Rope will revolutionise the way you skip! Jump quickly, jump smartly and jump heavy, with high speed handle bearings that offer the possibility to add weights!

About the Picsil Anna Rope

The aluminium handles of this innovative jump rope have been made with increasing difficulty in mind. Ideal for a pro-skipper or beginner, the double high speed weight bearings in each shaft enable you to move faster than ever while maintaining your balance. However, you can increase the resistance in each turn of the rope by adding small weights into the handle. Simply unscrew the easy-open base and add the mass of your choice. This will increase the weighted pressure on your forearms so you grow stronger while increasing your endurance and burning an incredible amount of calories.

Without weights, the Picsil Anna Rope will spin with incredible ease and speed. This encourages you to move faster than ever.

The improved grip on the handles is thanks to the knurling design, helping you to hold onto that extra weight as you skip!

The Benefits of Skipping with Weights

A typical skipping session has the ability to burn up to 1000 calories in an hour! When you add weights to this equation, you can radically increase this burn. Although skipping offers an all-over body workout, the focus is still mostly on the legs. When adding weights to the handles, you shift this balance to the upper body, so that you are able to increase your body’s ability to build muscle in the arms.

A jump rope like the Picsil Anna Rope gives you the best of both skipping worlds. Add weights for increased resistance and difficulty. Remove the weights to work on your speed and endurance. The ability to mix things up lessens the likelihood of you getting bored and encourages you to skip every day.

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