Picsil Azor Grips Green – 2 Hole

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Picsil Azor Grips – Green

As the premier supplier of Picsil Grip Azor Green, D8Fitness are proud to present these best-selling handgrips. Picsil handgrips are making waves in the fitness industry, as they are a workout aid that actually works! The gloves offer a grip that holds, even in the most strenuous of circumstances.

A Grip for All Athletes

Ideal for weightlifters, gymnasts or even CrossFit champions, the Picsil handgrips offer strength, flexibility and durability. Fitness fanatics will adore these grips, created by a like-minded athlete with a specific handgrip profile in mind, using the highest-quality materials possible. The breathable, soft patented fabric design uses Micro-Diamonds technology, giving the wearer a grip that is unrivalled.

The thin, rubber style provides maximum flexibility, so that you can bend and flex as needed to reach your goals. In fitness, you only progress when you challenge yourself, so you need handgrips that are discrete, thin and reliable. The Picsil grips ensure absolute manoeuvrability, allowing you to push yourself to complete more reps without slipping or damaging the skin.

A Diamond Aid

If you use chalk to improve your lifting ability, the smart Micro Diamonds fabric keeps it trapped between the grooves. This allows you to press for longer without having to worry about re-applying at crucial points. This aids in confidence and ability, keeping your palms sweat-free as you go for the gold in your workout.

Velcro straps complete the savvy design, keeping the Picsil handgrips in place. This ensures you can wear them constantly throughout your workout without fear of movement. Easy to take on and off, these are perfect for every day when working out at home or in the gym.

D8Fitness are delighted to be the Picsil Grip Ireland stockists and recommend these as our premium handgrip brand.

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