Picsil Falcon Grips

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Keep a solid grip on that bar bell as you lift it high above your head with the Picsil Falcon Grips. Designed to keep your hands feeling comfortable as you exert your body to the limit, they also help to ensure you have the firmest grip.

About the Picsil Falcon Grips

These grips are some of the toughest on offer from Picsil. The stiff, durable material takes a little wearing in for the best fit, but once the gloves have moulded to your hand, you won’t find better on the market! There is no loss of quality once the Falcons have settled into shape. If anything, they work better for you, giving maximum grip no matter how hard you work.

These workout gloves are an evolution of Picsil’s best-selling Azor and Rx gloves. The same outer material as the Rx gloves and the same inner lining as the Azor grips, you get the best of both worlds. Soft on the inside and strong and hard on the outside, the Picsil Falcon Grips are an incredibly reliable pair of gloves. Despite the dual layers, these are beautifully thin, so you can almost forget that you are wearing them.

Finished with a reliable Velcro strap, these are professional quality gloves that everyone can enjoy.

How to Choose Your Grip Size

In order to choose your best size, you should measure your hand from the wrist to the base of your middle three fingers. This will give you your basic size. If you are keen to have a little more protection for the fingers, extend the measurement to your first knuckle. If you measurement is less than 9cm, take a small pair of Picsil Falcon Grips.  Above 10.5cm is large and anything in between is medium.

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