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Set to improve your lifting game, the latest Picsil Grip is a revolutionary new style that is essential for weightlifters, athletes and Cross Fit competitors. Ready to give you a firmer grip and a more confident lift, these gloves are soft, lightweight and ever-so durable

About the Brown Azor Picsil Grip Gloves

As one of the leading manufacturers of sports gloves around the world, Picsil is always one step ahead when it comes to innovation. The Picsil Azor Grips are the lightest gloves yet, at only 1.8mm thickness with Micro Diamond fabric technology that allows them to mould to your hand and flex in all the right places. This makes them feel like a second skin, rather than a cumbersome pair of gloves.

The fabric is also breathable, preventing the hands from overheating and getting too sweaty. Super soft and comfortable, they are a pleasure to wear, held in place with ultra-reliable Velcro straps. At the same time, they are able to give you an unrivalled grip on your barbell or overhead pole that ensures you wont slip or falter. This enables you to lift heavier and for longer, or complete more pull-ups than ever before!

How Many Holes Do You Need?

The decision to buy a pair of gloves with two or three holes is a personal one. Many people prefer the hand coverage that comes with having three holes for your fingers. That extra finger width gives a little more support and grip. However, others like the freedom of two holes, relying on a smaller strip of fabric to help lift weights without distraction. Choose what works best for you.

D8 Fitness is the premier supplier of Picsil Grip Gloves in Ireland – you won’t find this quality or style anywhere else in the country!

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