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Experience grip like never before with the Picsil Grips Eagle Star. Designed to wrap around your hand with ease while improving your hold on weights, bars ropes and poles, these gloves offer the ultimate in grip technology!

About the Picsil Grips Eagle Star

Featuring the revolutionary micro-diamonds technology, these grips have the power and strength of an eagle! This clever fabric design allows you to maintain your grip and also retains any chalk you might use for longer. The raised design creates a stiff friction that means your hold won’t slip, no matter how much you sweat! At the same time, the fabric is soft and flexible, so you can easily move your hands into the best possible position. At 0.08″ thick, these are some of the thinnest gloves on the market.

When it comes to chalking, you’ll have to do this far less often, as the micro-diamonds design traps it in between the raised areas. It is released slowly as you lift, so you always have that confidence and grip ability.

The gloves are secured in placed with strong, hand-wearing Velcro, so your hand is well-supported and safe at all times. Aim high, lift high, because your gloves have got it all under control!

How to Maintain Your Grips

On a day-to-day basis, you can freshen your Picsil Grips Eagle Star gloves by placing them in the freezer. This will neutralise any sweat or odour that may occur as a result of a tough workout. If your gloves have become dirty, hand-wash only. These gloves should never be placed in the washing machine.

The three-hole design of the Picsil Grips Eagle Star gives your hands a larger coverage, protecting more skin as you grip onto your weight. Add a little moisturiser between the fingers and you will no longer have to worry about blisters or friction burns.

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