Picsil Wraps Wrist Support – Cotton

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The Picsil Wraps Wrist Support has been made to aid in exercises that put heavy pressure on the wrists. This added support means your wrists are protected as you lift weights or complete body weight exercises that rely on the hands.

About the Picsil Wraps Wrist Support

These wraps come as one long strap that you wrap around your wrist as many times as is necessary. This means they are easily adjusted for a perfect fit, no matter how big or small your wrists may be.

Made with highly durable cotton, these wraps are strong and breathable. The airy nature of the fabric helps to prevent a build up of sweat around the wrists. They also maintain a constant temperature, so you don’t overheat while pushing your reps to the max!

Easy-to-use, lightweight and portable, these are a great addition to any gym kit. Suitable for all levels and genders, they are an inexpensive way to improve your lifting game.

Why Do You Need Wrist Supports?

When lifting weights or performing inversion exercises, a lot of pressure is put on the wrists. This pressure can help to strengthen the muscles in the area if the wrist is kept at the right angle. However, it is very easy for the wrist to fall out of place as you concentrate on the exercise, which puts it at risk of injury. Using a pair of Picsil Wraps helps to keep them strong and straight, so that you can workout with confidence.

Wrists supports are not necessary for every movement.  In fact, if you are very comfortable with an exercise move, they may become a distraction. When it comes to doing new moves or lifting heavier weights, however, they can be invaluable. They help to train and strengthen the wrist in this new position, so that your body can soon support itself without them.

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