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Pilates is easily one of the trickiest body weight exercises to master, but these Pilates Balls can aid you on your journey of core strength. Ideal for both intensive workouts or rehabilitation exercises, there are a variety of exercise moves to master.

About the Soft Pilates Ball Set

This two-ball set will help you conquer some Pilates moves that will really challenge your core muscles. They may be soft, but they pack strong resistance allowing you to work deeper into the muscles than ever before.  Portable, practical and easy-to-store, these purpose-made balls are made of PVC. They easily inflate when using the straw and stopper included in your parcel and you simply have to wipe down after each use to keep them clean. The non-slip material makes it simpler for you to learn tricky stability exercises.

This set comes with two Pilates balls of different sizes. The blue ball measures 20cm, while the turquoise ball is 25cm. Together they make a very fun addition to any workout.

How Do These Balls Enhance your Exercise Experience?

Use Pilates balls to workout a number of different areas of the body, including the inner thighs, groin and neck muscles. The set comes with a list of instructions of how to use the balls to best effect. You will also be directed to online videos which may be more useful.

A ball is a more effective tool for Pilates than a bench, as it forces the stability to come from the core, rather than the flat surface. However, the ball can also be useful when stretching, encourage full curvature of the spine as you bend backwards over it. This gives a much more satisfactory stretch that is hard to replicate.

Colour: 1 x blue and 1 x turquoise
Contents: 1 x 20cm ball with straw & stopper, 1 x 25cm ball with straw and stopper
Material: PVC

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30-minute pilates ball work out.

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