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For athletes looking to take their training to the next level, the impressive Bodymax CF485+ Power Rack has everything. Strong, sturdy and stable, this heavy-duty equipment is ready for action – so give it your all.

The Strongest of Heavy-Duty Power Racks

This incredibly durable power rack is crafted from high quality, thick steel tubing and coated with a metallic powder. This ensures it can withstand even the heaviest of weights (up to 200kg) while standing firm. If you still have concerns, bolt the rack to the floor with ease for additional security. This ensures it is a permanent key feature in your home or small gym.

The rack comes with adjustable spotter bars and catches, with rubber padding for protection at key points. The adjustable areas make it easier for you to complete a wide range of exercises, with even weight distribution. This steady, balanced power rack allows for smoother movements as you train. The pull-up station allows for a variety of grips, allowing you to strengthen different muscles in the upper body. The rack is completed with a 7ft bar, ready for you to add your choice of weight.

Build Your Workout Station

This listing is for the power rack only, but there are many attachments you can purchase separately to build up your multi-gym. We also sell compatible dipping bars and pulley attachments, as well as benches to sit in the middle and free weights to use with the 7ft bar. These attachments will ensure you can carry out a full whole-body workout with your rack, including exercises such as lunges, squats, bench presses, deadlifts and bent-over rows.

Push your body to the limit in a safe and effective environment, with everything you need for serious strength training in one place.


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