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Challenge your body to the ultimate ab test with the incredible Power Wheel! Designed to work your core and increase stability, your elusive six-pack needs this exercise tool!

About this Ab Roller

The 66fit Power Wheel is the best tool for pushing your core to the limit. It features easy-grip handles, ergonomically designed for the tightest and most comfortable hold. The wheel has been crafted to ensure stability, with a variety of functions for all-round core strength. Detachable foot straps aid in its versatile nature.

This multi-function tool is ideal for travel too. Compact and lightweight in nature, you can take it with you wherever you go. As long as you have a small, flat surface available, you can squeeze in your daily workout.

How to Use the Power Wheel

This ab roller is more than a simple wheel for your core! Offering a holistic approach to exercising, it can be used in multiple ways for an interesting workout. Use in the traditional format by kneeling on the floor and placing the wheel in front of you. Roll the wheel directly ahead, leaning towards the floor as far as you can before rolling back. The further you roll, the harder your abs have to work.

Flip over and place your feet in the provided foot straps. You can then use the Power Wheel to work your glutes, hips, obliques and back by pushing with your feet. This tool is ideal for both beginners and advanced users, with progress being fast and easy-to-see. It is possible to create a full-body workout with this clever machine.

Assembly is simple and fast. Your Power Wheel comes with full instructions of how to build and use it. There are also many videos online to help.


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