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Powerbag PT

Help your clients discover what functional training can do for them with the Powerbag PT. Buy it now online or in store from D8 Fitness.

Designed specifically for the Personal Trainer market, the Powerbag PT possesses several key features. Most importantly, it allows you to quickly change the weight bag’s weight. The bag comes with a ‘standard’ Powerbag sand cell, fillable up to 20kg. Also included are 3 additional mini cells, each fillable up to 4kg. As a result, the Powerbag PT lets you customise the weight of the bag. Also Available is a water-filled Hydro Soft Cell to create a more unstable load.

Why use a Powerbag?

Powerbags serve some of the same functions as traditional medicine balls, dumbbells or barbells. But they differ in several ways. Firstly, high-level sandbag training provides a more intense workout. As a result, it serves as a fantastic means of fat burning, strength training and endurance. Secondly, a wide variety of training activities now incorporate powerbag exercises, including sports such as MMA, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing and Karate.

Our powerbag is filled with sand and features a high tech foam padding. Ironclad stitching ensures long lasting performance and durability, while its zipper opening offers convenient access. Adjust weight and adapt to your needs by adding or subtracting sand.

Used by Elite performers across the world, Powerbags are finding their way into gymnasiums and the military. Build muscle, burn fat and improve agility and endurance with this weight bag, available now from D8 Fitness.

Please note: Designed for lifting exercises only. Do not slam it on the floor. Doing so damages the bag, shortens its life, and invalidates the limited warranty on this product.


  • Weight bag is perfect alternative to medicine balls, Dumbbells or Barbells
  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors
  • Ideal gear for building muscle, burning fat, and improving agility
  • Zipper enclosure for instant weight adjustment
  • Sandbag features both top and side handles for extra utility
  • Do not slam Powerbag to the floor; only lifting is suitable
  • 12 month warranty on this product, providing there is no sign of high impact

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