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Add a little stylish edge to your workouts with Premium Power Bands 2 x Green. These clever bands will add resistance to bodyweight exercises or provide a gentle rehabilitation movement. Versatile and bright, they are fun and functional!

About Premium Power Bands 2 x Green

These high-quality bands are perfect for advanced users who will really put their strength and durability to the test! Measuring 44m x 4.5mm x 2080mm, they are a versatile tool used in a variety of exercise specialisms. Add to your cross-fit routine, martial arts training or Pilates session and get ready to feel the burn! They are great for improving your lateral movement and general mobility while helping to boost hip strength. This also makes them a great tool for rehabilitation, so long as you move slowly and with intention.

This pack includes two green power bands.

How to Care for Your Bands

When looked after correctly, your Premium Power Bands 2 x Green will become a key part of your training. When using your bands, ensure they are only ever wrapped around smooth surfaces to prevent damage. Never stand on the bands when wearing shoes as the soles may damage the latex material. Also, be careful not to stretch the bands too far as this will put extreme pressure on the material, weakening it.

To ensure you get the longest life out of your bands, be sure to unwrap the band after each exercise session. When storing between sessions, keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
For health and safety reasons, it is a good idea to check the Premium Power Bands 2 x Green before every use. Look for any damage that might cause it to snap during use. Make sure you always supervise any older children when using the bands but keep them out of the way of younger children. If you are not sure whether the bands are a suitable match for your fitness, make sure to contact a personal trainer or physician to check.
Finally, we cannot accept returns on any bands that have been removed from their packaging. So please double check you have received the right product before opening.

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